Fitting and Washing

Fitting Instructions

Happy Flute OSFM Pocket Nappies

These nappies can be adjusted to fit babies approximately 3kg to 15kg (as a guide only) by adjusting the rise snaps down the front of the nappy. 

In order to prevent leakages you need to ensure a snug fit around baby's legs. The nappy elastic should sit along the "undie line" between the groin and the leg.  If there are gaps you may need to go down a rise setting size (see the XS, S, M, L shown in the picture). If the nappy is too tight, or the nappy is starting to sit across the thigh you may need to go up a rise setting size. 

You can also tighten and loosen the waist with the many snaps across the top of the nappy. For a good fit you want to be able to fit 2 fingers between baby's waist and the nappy when the nappy is done up and baby is laying down. When baby is upright they should not have a "muffin top".



Washing Instructions

Happy Flute OSFM Pocket Nappies

Before First Use

When you first receive your inserts, soak them in a bucket of water overnight, before washing them with the nappy shells before first use. The inserts will increase in absorbency after a few washes. 


Regular Washing 

  • Store soiled nappies in a bucket or basket that allows airflow. 
  • Knock solid waste into the toilet
  • Remove inserts from the nappy shells and place them all in the washing machine
  • Pre-wash - each day put the soiled nappy shells and inserts through a quick wash with quality detergent. This ensures your nappies are washed thoroughly in clean water for the main wash cycle
  • If you do not have a full load of nappies, put the pre-washed nappies back into a bucket or basket with airflow 
  • Main Wash - When you have enough pre-washed nappies for a full load, put all nappies through a long, heavy duty, warm wash with quality detergent. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach
  • The nappy shells are fast drying and are best dried on the line in the shade. Drying them in high heat (e.g. dryer) may cause delamination of the shells and will lead to nappy leaks
  • Nappy inserts can be dried in the dryer or on the line.